first blog post of the new year.

sort of unfortunate it came in the middle of January, whoops.

I'm just trying to enjoy my last free weekend for a while. I've got finals and SAT II tests coming up soon.

I am both excited and dreading college.


worst park job ever

I still don't know how she got her license.

men of snow

The Return.

Hi everyone, I am back again!

I seem to have gone through a prolonged phase of blogging ADD during which I both created and destroyed countless blogs and Tumblrs in an attempt to find a medium where I could be, I don't know, imaginative? cool? hipster? intelligent?

Anyways, I am ecstatic to say that I have returned from the graveyard site of webpages bearing my name to my original beginning point.

I don't know for sure if I will again suffer from another stage during which I can't make myself crank out an entry, but for now I'm feeing quite at home.

There might be a some new changes made to the site but expect some blog posts in the next few days :)




i moved, yes again.



is anyone still reading anyways?



I've been depressed lately.

I don't know if it's a legit clinical depression but I'm definitely feeling sad. I just walk around all day with a heavy lump in my stomach and my arms and legs are always weak. It's hard waking up in the mornings and I've been really stressed for the upcoming school year.

Sorry if my blog is getting annoying and banal. I'll try and get back into a routine once I get my spirits up.




I am falling in love with this city.

When I first heard that for our family vacation this summer we were driving to Toronto, Canada I wasn't extremely excited. After all, last year we had flown to California and before that, sunny Florida. I wasn't sure I was prepared for two days worth of driving to a place that had the same temperature as the state I was currently inhabiting (Minnesota).

That all changed the minute we rolled into the city.

I could feel the energy just rising from the pavements, from the pedestrians with their fashionable clothes, from the street performers crooning to the crowds that had formed around them, and from the exotic smells emmanating from restaurants. I can't help but look up at the architecturally beautiful apartment buildings and wonder if one day, I could live in them.

As of right now, I'm sitting in the hotel lobby of the beautiful Delta Chelsea listening to a jazz band, I never want to leave.


I forgot to bring my camera cord down with me, I'll post some photos up as soon as I get the chance.