who i am.

At the moment, I am a 16 year old person living in a smalltowncity famous for its large hospital. I have one younger sibling with whom I do not often get along, but the few times we do, we're quite chummy. I'm lucky to have a mum and a dad who are both quite understanding, but unfortunately, have a tendency to be a bit overbearing at times.

I love the look of freshly mown grass and the smell of the stainless steel cleaner we use where I work. I volunteer at the aforementioned hospital, a nursing home, and a night school because I feel like I'm never doing enough.

When I'm bored, I'll strum a bit on my lovely Fender acoustic guitar. Usually, I'll play some of The Weepies, Jenny Lewis, and even a touch of Taylor Swift, because her songs are easy. My life is currently held together by Post-Its, and I still use a good old fashioned calendar that hangs in my room.

If I could be any animal, I would be a narwhal because they are both quite mystical and yet, very real. Plus, they have a cool horn (or tooth, whatever it is), which I find wondefully majestic. I use a Canon PowerShot SD 1100 which admittedly does not take the best photos, but gets the job done. Maybe one day I'll get something more professional, but only when I become more professional.

I close my eyes while I'm brushing my teeth. I've only ever kissed one boy, but I'm fine with that. For now, guys make good friends. I detest spiders, but I don't have enough of whatever characteristic it takes to kill them (courage? cruelty?)

Currently, my obsession is with secret societies and conspiracy theories ... but everything about me likes to go off on tangents. My least favorite chore to do is washing the dishes, but I find Windex-ing things quite entertaining.

I enjoy writing, but only if I'm not being forced to. Everything about me clashes, and I'll leave that for you to figure out. My favorite color combination is grey and yellow, and I always try to use good grammar.

My wardrobe is mainly recycled, my iPod is mostly alternative, and my mind is all sublime.